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Local resources

Colette M.Miller CCA
clinical certified aromatherapist, certified hot stone treatments  & acupressure, Yoga teacher

Phone: 330-757-6097


Kids Choice-pediatric therapy,
education and consultation services

1419 Boardman-Canfield Rd suite 300
Youngstown, OH 44512

Phone. 330.953-2383
Fax. 330.953-2384


Ronald Lewellyn
827 Southwestern Run
Poland, OH 44512

Phone: 330-758-3819
Fax: 330-758-4965


Galvin & Associates
25221 Miles Rd, Suite F
Warrensville, OH 44128

Phone: 216-514-1600

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Potential Development
209 W. Woodland Ave
Youngstown, OH 44502

Phone: 330-746-7641

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Julie Knapp
950 Windham Court Suite 4
Boardman, OH 44512

Phone: 330-629-2955

Capable Kids
499 N. Hermitage Rd
Hermitage, PA 16148

Phone: 724-342-3898

Sharon Regional
Sharon, PA

YSU Rich Center



Natural Food Brands:

Casein Free/Gluten Free Diet

Gluuteny - Gluten free Bakery
1923 Murry Ave
Pittsburgh PA 15217

Phone: 412-521-4890

Supplement Resources

Sensory Processing

Motor planning & Sequencing

Parviz Youssefi ED.D
7233 Manassas, VA 20109

Phone: 703-392-5055

Medical Issues



Visual/Spatial processing

Hans Lessman, OD, FCOVD
Vision Institute, Towne Centre Offices
Suite 130 1789
S. Braddock Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15218-1868

Phone: 412-731-5007

Joseph Pederzolli, OD
11995 South Ave
N Lima, OH 44452

Phone: 330-549-9780

Dr. Prazer
110 VIP Dr. suite 301
Wexford , PA 15090

Phone: 724-900-2014


Drisilla Grant FCOVD
1520 Portage Trail ,Ste 2
Cuyahoga Falls,OH 44223

Phone: 330-923-9951


John Barnhart  OD
4620 Mahoning Ave.
Champion, OH 44483

Phone: 330-847-9093



AACAP - Facts for Families

  • Go to website.
  • Click on "Resources for Families".
  • Select "Facts for Families".


"'Abstinence - Only' Delays Sex in Young Teens" (PDF)




Fast-Forward I, Fast-Forward II, or more advanced step-Forward by Scientific

  • Learning , Inc. Berkley CA 877-607-8485-for auditory discrimination,
  • Comprehension and audio-visual integration program.


Montessori School of the Mahoning Valley

Education is fundamentally a model of human development and an educational approach based on that model


Alma Smith, M.D.

Recommended Local Counseling Resources

Ronald Lewellyn
827 Southwestern Run
Poland, OH 44512

Phone: 330-758-3819
Fax: 330-758-4965



Boardman United Methodist Church Presentations


Society of Mayflower Descendants Presentations


Visual Therapy

Kid's Choice

Recommended Books


  • "What your doctor may NOT  tell you about Children's Vaccines" - By Stephanie Cave 2001


  • "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life" & "Coaching Yourself to Success" - By Daniel Amen, 1998
  • "A Promise of Hope"-the astonishing true story of a woman with Bipolar disorder and the miraculous
    Treatment that cured her by Autumn Stringam
  • "Wherever you go there you are" - By Jon Kabot-Zinn
  • "The Mood Cure" - By Julia Ross, 2002
  • "The Instinct to Heal"  curing stress, anxiety and depression without drugs, and without talk therapy" - By David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., PhD ,2003
  • "Biogenealogy-decoding the psychic roots of Illness" - By Patrick Obissier, 2003
  • "A Promise of Hope-the Astonishing true Story of a woman afflicted with bipolar disorder, and the miraculous treatment that cured her." - By Autumn Stringam, 2007


  • "Nourishing Traditions" - By Sally Fallon 2001 (Weston Price Foundation)
  • "Special-Needs kids Eat Right" - By Judy Converse, MPH,RD,LD, 2009
  • "How to teach nutrition to kids" - By Connie Liakos Evers, MS,RD, 2006
  • "Nutrition and Mental Illness-an orthomolecular approach to balancing body chemistry" - By Carl C. Pfeiffer, PhD, MD
  • "Drug Muggers How to keep your medicine from stealing the life out of you" - By Suzy Cohen, R.Ph, 2008
  • "The China Study: T. Colin Campbell, PhD-2006
  • "Why Can't My Child Behave?" Jane Hersey-2006
  • "Why is Your CHild Hyperactive?" Ben F. Feingold, MD-1974
  • "Special -Needs Kids Eat Right" Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LD-2009
  • "IS your Child's Brain Starving?" Micheal R. Lyon, MD, Christine Laurell, PhD-2002
  • "The Omega 3 Connection" Andrew Stoll, MD2001
  • "Healthier Food for Busy People" by Jane Hersey

SCD-specific carbohydrate Diet

  • "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" - By Elaine Gottschall DAMSc 2002

Digestive Enzymes

  • "Enzymes for Autism and other nuerologic conditions" - By Karen DeFelice 2008


  • "The Mozart Effect" - By Don Campbell

Sensory Processing

Vision/Visual Issues Development

  • "How to talk to your child about sex"  by Linda & Richard Eyre & "What's Happening to Me?" by
  • "SOS Help for Parents - a practical Guide for Handling Common Everyday Behavior Problems" by Lynn Clark, PhD, 1985


  • "Changing the course of Autism: ascientific approach for parents and physicians" - By Bryan Jepson, M.D.
  • "Thinking in pictures" - By Temple Grandin
  • " Biological treatments for Autism and PDD" - By William Shaw 2002
  • "Children with Starving Brains" Jaquelyn McCandless, MD-2003
  • "Sacred Spark" Rev. Lisa K. Sykes-2009
  • "Autism, brain and Environment" richard Lathe-2006
  • "Healing the New Childhood Epidemics" Kenneth Bock, MD-2008
  • "Changing the Course of Autism" Bryan Jepson, MD-2007
  • "Evidence of Harm" David Kirby-2005
  • "Fatal" Micheal Palmer 2002
  • "The Autism & ADHD Diet Book" Barrie Silberberg


  • "The Fungus Link" by Doug A. Kaufmann, 2008
  • "Infectious Diabetes" by Doug Kaufman 2003
  • "Is This Your Child? Discovering and treating Unrecognized allergies in Children and Adults" by Doris Rapp, MD 1991
  • "Digestive wellness" Elizabeth Lipski, MS,CCN-2000
  • "Brain" David Perlmutter, MD-2000
  • "UltraMind Solution" Mark Hyman, MD2009
  • "Ultra-Prevention" Mark Hyman, MD-2003
  • "Biochemical Individuality" Roger Williams PhD-1956, 1998
  • Sidney Baker, MD
  • "Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD" William Shaw Ph.D.

EMF - electromagnetic frequencies

  • "Disconnected"the truth about cell phone radiation, What the industry has done to hide it, and ow to protect your
    Family" by Devra Davis Penguin Books, 2010
  • Recommended article - * designates something that needs to be scanned in


  • "Three in a Bed" Deborah Jackson-1989
  • "Normal Children Have Problems Too" Stanley Turecki, MD-1994
  • "Raise a Smarter Child by kindergarten" David Perlmutter, M.D-2006


  • "SOS! Help for Parents" by Lynn Clark PhD, 1985


  • "Our Stolen Future" by Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski, John Peterson Myers, 1996

Motor Planning and Sequencin-0442Q

  • "Smart Moves" by Carla Hannaford Ph.D.
  • "The Learning Gym " by: Brain Gym – Edu-Kinesthetic, Inc

Books for kids

Personal Hygiene

  • "No Bo - the head to toe book of hygiene for preteens
    By Marguerite Crump FreeSpirit Pub 2005

for special Needs kids

  • "Personal Hygiene, What's that got to do with me?"
    Pat Crissey Jessica Kingsly Pub 2005


  • "Everybody Needs a Rock"  by Byrd Baylor Aladdin paperbacks 1974